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Fight the COVID-19 during the pandemic by turning every grocery shopping into a way to help others in the community who need help.

Shipping fee is too high and too slow? No worry, QLinks can help lower the shipping cost and improve the user experience.

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Cost and Energy Efficiency

On-the-way delivery platform to connect the grocery buyer(Requeter) and the grocery shopper(Provider). Lower the cost for last mile delivery.

Intelligent Engine

Matches requester and the provider based on both parties’ home location or workplace location.

Platform as a Service

Can integrate with other websites to provide alterntive shipping method which will give adotpers competitive advantage.

Simple & Clean

No fee, no commision, no commercial. Just for you! You're just a moment away from installing this app.

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Address auto-completion

Quick and accurate

Flexbility and better user experience

Requester can choose the exchange types for source location and destination location. Provider can make the offer or counteroffer to negotiate the price, time and the exchange types.

Powerful backend

Match the request and provider based on locations. List the delivery requests only close to providers home location or workplace location.

Email notification

Will send out email notification to provider and requester when there is match. Including the route and estimated distance.

One minute video

To demonstrate how the platform works.

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Most common questions, answered here

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other traditional carrier companies, we are a unique platform to match the providers and requesters to do the last mile delivery.

What can I do with this app?

As a provider you can help others with grocery shopping while you doing your own. At the same time earn the extra income. As a requester you can have the grocery delivered at your door safely and have much better user experience with agreed time and pickup/drop off manner. As small business it will help with increasing the sales.

Why I need to provide the addresses? Is it safe?

In order to match the provider and requester, we need location so the match engine can optimise the best options from different possible combination of the pickup points and drop off points.

Does app track my location?

Not at all. We will never do that. We take the end user's privacy seriously and it is not necessary to track the locations of end users from the operation perspective.

Why there is no payment functionality in the system?

There are various scenarios in terms of who will pay and when the payment occur. We leave the flexibility to end user to decide. We may introduce the payment later.

Do I have to drive to be a provider?

Not necessarily. You can utilize any mean of the transport to do the delivery such as subway, bus or even bicycle. Or you can have request to pick up the grocery.

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Feel free to contact us for any help, inquiry and partnership. We can customise and integrate to your e-commerce store on Shopify or Amazon.